About the Reikimaster

Many years ago I came into contact with Reiki and it has given me a lot. I love to treat people and the nice thing is that it really works. I have been able to deal with a great deal of different complaints: from at a distance, or by hand-laying.

What have I dealt with so far?  Here are some examples: rheumatic complaints, energy shortage, migraine, cluster headache, muscle aches, sprains, burns, inflammation, menstrual cramps, whiplash complaints, bone fractures, sleeping problems, ankle, knee, shoulder, neck and back complaints, open wounds, chronic fatigue syndrome, Osteoarthritis, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), mourning, parenting problems, etc.

I would be delighted to be able to treat you too. There are no costs attached; The only thing I ask you is to fill in my guestbook after the treatment. This¬†guestbook is my reference book, in which everyone can read what Reiki is suitable for, a kind of ‘ Reikipedia ‘.

Thanks a lot in advance for leaving a review!