Hand-laying and remote curing is what I would gladly do to help you. I supply healing energy by putting my hands on those places that hurt and then the healing energy immediately begins to flow: it is a kind of magnetization or hand-laying. Giving Reiki also works remotely, although a direct treatment works more pleasantly. With Reiki treatments you can keep on your clothes.

Treatments take between 20 and 50 minutes. Please: Can I ask you not to put on perfume before a treatment? With most people I put my hands on or around their heads and then the scent of your perfume will stay in my hands. I don’t get this smell off my hands the same day, which is not always nice for the next client(s).

Costs? None. There are no costs associated with my Reiki treatments; The only thing I ask you is to leave a review in my guestbook after your treatment.  My guestbook is my ‘portfolio’, in which people can read for what kind of illnesses or complaints Reiki is suitable and what one thinks of my treatments. A sort of “Reikipedia”.

If you want a Reiki treatment, for any complaint, then we could make an appointment A.S.A.P.  If you cannot travel, I could also come to your place. Click here for the contact form.